Gasification of the city of Kruševac

In April 2012 Eco Global d.o.o. Company legally became a co-owner with a share of 33% in the Rasina Energogas d.o.o. Company, which as a strategic partner of the City of Kruševac implemented the gasification plan started on 12 June 2007 pursuant to the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Serbia and the legal decisions of the City of Kruševac Parliament.

Eco Global d.o.o., owned by Vera Ristić, joined the aforesaid project five years after the initiated legal and actual procedure of the gasification of Kruševac, by becoming a co-owner of the Rasina Energogas d.o.o. Company. Rasina Energogas undertook to complete the whole work relating to gasification in the length of 800 km within 4 years out of its own funds. Srbijagas is obliged to cover the total calculated value of the works of its strategic partner Rasina Energogas d.o.o. in line with the accepted offer, with the applicable VAT, in 120 equal monthly instalments (or ten years). The project value amounts to EUR 32,000,000.